Classification and Analyze of Social Networks

Classification and Analyze of Social Networks

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نام کنفرانس یا همایش : کنفرانس بين المللي مهندسي کامپيوتر و فناوري اطلاعات

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Bridging the gap between Information Retrieval (IR) and Social Networks (SN) is an active area of research. This is mainly done by raise the IR flow with information from social networks, a flow called Social Information Retrieval (SIR). The basic query one might question is what would be the benefits of using social information into the information retrieval flow.With the increase number of works towards the combination of IR and social networks, it is essential to construct an obvious picture of the domain and combine the efforts in a structured and meaningful track. This paper reviews various efforts in this domain. It intends to Presentation a clear Apperceive of the issues as well as a Obvious structure of the contributions. Exactly, we propose (1) to review some of the most main contributions in this domain to Apperceive the principles of SIR, (2) a classification to categorize these contributions, and (3) an analysis of some of these contributions and tools with Attention to several index, which we believe are Very important to design an effective SIR approach. This paper is expected to render service researchers and practitioners as a reference to help them structuring the domain, situation themselves and help them to offer new contributions or improve existing ones.

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